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Working Papers Request Form

"If you are under the age of 18 in New York State, you cannot get a job without obtaining your Working Papers, which are issued by your school. You can still get your working papers, even though the building is closed.



We have a secure Google Form that will allow you to upload pictures of all of the documents required for working papers. This will make it much easier to request working papers from your phone or iPad! Once you have pictures of all of the documents you need, click on the link below to fill out the Working Papers Request Form. You NEED to be logged into your RHHS account to access the form.


Working Papers Request Form:


Here are the documents required in order for us to issue your Working Papers:


1) The working papers form attached on this tab, with only PART 1 Completed and signed by your parent. Please print it and have your parent sign - if you cannot print the application, let Ms. Cosma or Ms. Camacho know and a copy of the application can be mailed to your house!


2) A letter from your doctor's office stating that you are in good health and physically fit to work. Your doctor can usually email/mail this to you as long as you have had a physical checkup within the past year. WE CANNOT ACCEPT A PHYSICAL FORM AS A DOCTOR'S NOTE!


3) A photo ID with your birthdate on it. (school ID, green card, passport or NY state ID) This ID cannot be expired.


4) Your social security card


Once we receive your request, we will create your working papers and we will MAIL THEM TO YOUR HOUSE. It is CRITICAL that you make sure the address you put into the Google Form above is correct."


Best regards,

Ms. Camacho