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Are You Green???

If you have more than five detentions you may not be able to participate in extracurricular activities.  If you need to remove detentions, you can become GREEN by contributing to your school and community!



Get extra help in a core subject and remove detentions at the same time! See your Guidance Counselor and postings around the school for more details.  This removes 5 detentions for each session that you attend!  

Attend a Afterschool Club

After school clubs provide opportunities for you to participate in activities, interact with peers in a supervised setting, and form relationships with adults in our school community. See SAYA for more details. This removes 3 detentions for each session that you attend!  

Write a Report

Write a 2-page report. Instructions for your report will be provided by AP Security, along with instructions and a deadline. The report must be in your own words and submitted on or before the deadline.  Plagiarized reports are punishable and may lead to suspension!   (Number of removals will be determined at your conference)

Create a Completed Resume 

Create a completed Resume. Your resume must include you work based experience, school activities and the years that you served in each capacity. Copies of completed resumes must submitted to AP. Security. This removes 10 detentions. 

Good Deeds

Perform a noble deed such as; return a lost item to your classmate or RHHS staff member, tutor a student etc. 

* Your good deed will determine the number of detentions that are removed*

Academic Improvement

Show an improvement of 10 points in core subjects (Science, English, History, Math, etc.) to remove 10 detentions in each subject area per marking period.  

Show an improvement of 10 points in your cumulative average will remove 20 detentions each marking period.

*Request must be made to AP Security via email no later than 10 days after the marking period ends.  

Mission Statement

Memorize the Richmond Hill High School Mission statement and remove 10 detentions. One time use only*