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Parent Coordinator

Welcome to our School Community!

My name is Donna Crayton, and it is my honor to be your parent coordinator, here at Richmond Hill High School.

As the parent coordinator, I am a part of a team that ensures the following:

* A welcoming environment for our entire school community.

* I am the liaison between our families, the school and the community.

* Communicate with our families about what is happening in our school.

* Work with our families to increase family empowerment by informing them and encouraging them to participate in the learning and volunteering opportunities that we have for our families.

* Support and assist our family leaders with the PTA and School Leadership Team (SLT).

* Provide information, materials and resources to our families based on needs assessments.

Students with engaged families are more likely to earn high grades and test scores, get promoted, graduate and go on to postsecondary education.

I strongly encourage our families to stay connected by attending our monthly PTA meetings, attending Parent/Teacher Conferences, taking on Leadership roles on the PTA and SLT and by communicating with the staff at our school.

Phone – 631-867-2136

Email – [email protected]