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Is Health Right For You?

Do you like helping others? Can you be part of an emergency response team? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the Health Pathway is right for you. Richmond Hill High school Has teamed up with The National Academy Foundation (NAF) to support our academy of Health Sciences.  Students will engage in project based learning  and gain knowledge that is relevant to professionals in the health industry. The experience upcoming NAF Academy students will receive will ultimately help them to learn to be accountable and responsible for their post-secondary success. NAF provides a curriculum and a network which promotes rigorous learning standards  and real world applications of industry knowledge.

In addition to technical knowledge and skill for the healthcare industry , this academy will also address academic and 21st Century skills, specially science, mathematics, technology in order to prepare students to meet college and career objectives. Students will also have the opportunity to experience work based learning on many levels. Students in our program tour hospitals, visit professional offices, are exposed to adults working in the health field, participate in enrichment programs, and listen to guest presenters from many different health organizations.