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Instructional Support Services

Instructional Support Services are designed to provide educational services to students with disabilities. There are many circumstances that may affect a student’s ability to learn.  When a student is having difficulty in high school, our Pupil Personnel Team meets to discuss the issues impeding a student’s progress.  We offer suggestions and create a plan to meet the student’s educational needs in the general education classroom.  To meet the individual needs of all students in the general education classroom, Academic Intervention Services are available for our at risk students including participation in SETSS, Counseling, Speech Therapy, extended day instruction, and tutoring is academic subjects. 

If a child has been classified with an Individualized Education Plan, an educational program is developed to support the student’s academic progress.  The student’s IEP specifies the type of instructional program and the goals and services that will help the student develop the skills needed for graduation fromRichmond Hill High School. 

Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)

This service is provided by a Special Education teacher working collaboratively with the General Education teacher to offer the student academic support.  The group size is eight students per class and provides individualized instruction for each student.  In order to meet the individual needs of our students, we provide a Push –in program and a Pull-Out program.

Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT Class)

The Collaborative Team Teaching Class is a program in a General Education classroom.  The CTT is taught by a licensed special education teacher and a general education teacher.  The class instruction is designed and planned by both teachers.  The class instruction provides access to the general education curriculum and to assist all students within the class to achieve academic success.

Self Contained Class 

The Self Contained Class is a class no larger than fifteen students.  The Self Contained Class is designed to support those students who need more structure and individualization based on their areas of strengths and weaknesses as explained by their IEP.

Speech and Language Therapy-   As indicated by a student’s IEP, Speech and Language therapy is provided by a licensed speech and language teacher in the building 5 days a week. 

Counseling Services – As indicated by the student’s IEP, counseling is provided by one of our Social Workers in the building 5 days a week.