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Spanish Course Offerings

Spanish Levels I through III are designed to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the target language.  A focus is placed on basic communication and exposure to Hispanic and Peninsular culture.  After the third year, students take the Spanish Regents exam.

Heritage Spanish Learners, those students from a Spanish-speaking background who grew up in theUnited States, take courses designed to celebrate and develop the students’ linguistic diversity.  The emphasis in this sequence course is on reading and writing in Spanish.  This sequence of courses includes the Spanish Regents exam and may include participation in Advanced Placement courses.

Native language arts courses are designed for students in the bilingual Spanish program.  These courses provide students with advanced reading and writing tasks which are aligned with the English Language Arts standards.  The most advanced students will be recommended to take our Advanced Placement courses which provide college-level academic challenges.  These courses culminate with a test given in May that affords the students the opportunity to earn college credit.