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The Science Department partners with New Visions, Savvas, and others to ensure our 9th-12th graders are exposed to high quality curriculum. Most students take four years of science classes, with core science courses culminating in a NYS Regents exam. In order to qualify for NYS regents exams in our science courses, students must complete a mandated 1200 minutes of laboratory experiences. 

Living Environment (Biology) and Earth Science use New Visions Science as their curriculum; each unit of study presents an anchor phenomenon to engage students in their learning while creating real-world connections and accounting for each student’s individual perspective.  The units are designed to engage students, build skills, and provide opportunities for hands-on learning opportunities while supporting literacy through a variety of reading, writing, and discussion strategies. Each year of study develops students’ skills to support success on the NYS Regents exams and aligns to the New York State Science Learning Standards (NGSS).