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My family and I live in Williston Park, on Long Island.  My husband Dan is a great musician and a wonderful listener.  My girls love their dad so much!  As do I.  I have two daughters, Penelope and Lucy.  Penny is nine years old, and Lucy is seven.  Penny just started the fourth grade and is cool and creative.  She loves all things Japanese and is a great artist; she is always drawing.  Lucy just started the second grade and is funny and sweet.  She is up for any adventure and loves to socialize.  
I love dogs!  I had a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Wilson and I have a Siberian Husky named Cassie, who has no eyes.  Wilson was the sweetest dog ever!  I had him from 2010 to 2020; I had to put him to sleep in June and I miss him like crazy.  Cassie, although blind, is very naughty and gets into all sorts of trouble.  Her sense of smell and hearing is so good that she caught a squirrel this spring, and she constantly sneaks out and runs around the neighborhood.  I also have a cat named Donkey Kong.  He's super cool and is always out exploring. 
Our family goes to Lavallette every summer, which is down the Jersey Shore.  It's a perfect spot to relax at the beach during the day and go to the boardwalk at night.  My family loves the rides at the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, but I love the arcade.  Every year we go crabbing, but this year we also rented a boat and went fishing.
I love perfume and all things fragranced.  I have a collection of approximately 150 bottles of perfume, which I organize on a spreadsheet by fragrance type and season.  I watch tons of reviews and am interested in both the science and art of perfume.
I was un underground hip hop radio DJ in college at Boston University.  The first night of my internship at the radio station the DJ quit, and I became the main DJ.  I had the radio show all through college and used to have a great time buying and playing records with my friends.
I also love cooking.  I find it very relaxing to listen to a podcast, music, or book on Audible while preparing food.  I do enjoy it more when I have the time to explore recipes and when entertaining than on a nightly basis.  I once auditioned to be on a cooking show called Food Fight with my best friend Vanessa, although we weren't chosen.  One of my fondest cooking memories was learning to make gyoza in Japan.