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Welcome, Foolish Mortals

I am your host - your...virtual ghost host. Actually, I've been an English teacher since 2007, having taught both middle school and high school. This will be my sixth year teaching at Richmond Hill High School.
Okay, no sugarcoating it - this will be one of the most unusual years for both students and teachers. You will be able to find all relevant information to my classes through this site, whether subscribing to Google Classroom updates, finding pertinent links, or browsing your own work. Make sure to subscribe to my Google Classroom class that you or your child is a part of to receive updates on assignments.
**I also run the The Underground, the school's news team. We cover all the news and events of the school, taking photos, writing stories, and managing the school's Twitter account and website. If you are interested in joining, send me an email that includes your name, OSIS, and what role you may be interested in (photographer, writer, editor, social media, website, reporter, etc.)** 
Oh, and if you can tell me what my painting is of? Bonus points are coming your way (check out the photo slides and wait for that magical moment of artistry...)