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Computer Science gives students vital 21st Century Skills . The Computer Science and Information Technology pathway gives students the ability to be innovative with technology. This is important because it gives  the ability to create future success to make a difference in a global society. This pathway underlies most innovation today, from biotechnology to cinematography to national security. Computer Science empowers students to create and adapt new technologies to engage in computational thinking to solve problems.


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What Can I do With A Computer Science Degree?

1. Software applications developer

  • Design or customize computer applications software
  • Modify existing software to optimize operational efficiency or correct errors
  • Evaluate software requirements and user needs to determine software feasibility


Median annual salary (2014): $95,510


2. Computer systems analyst 

  • Analyze data processing problems to improve computer systems
  • Develop and test system design procedures
  • Enhance system compatibility so information can be shared easily


Median annual salary (2014): $82,710


3. Computer systems engineer

  • Develop solutions to complex applications problems and other network concerns
  • Provide technical guidance for troubleshooting computer systems
  • Confirm stability and security of system architecture


Median annual salary (2014): $83,410


4. Network systems administrator


  • Install and support an organization’s network system
  • Examine website functions to ensure performance without interruption
  • Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations


Median annual salary (2014): $75,790