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Richmond Hill High School Guidance Department

  • Kim Himonidis - Assistant Principal Pupil Personnel Services ext. 1303
  • Robert Schwarz -  Assistant Principal Office of Student Progress ext. 3402
  • Deborah David- College Counselor- ext. 3363
  • Tynique Williams- 9th Grade Guidance Counselor - ext. 1261
  • Paola Rosero- 10th Grade Guidance Counselor- ext. 1253
  • Joshua Khan- 11th Grade Guidance Counselor - ext. 2361
  • Kerry Fowler- 12th Grade Guidance Counselor - ext. 1252
  • Hema Bhanot- ENL Guidance Counselor - ext. 1262
  • Maria Leonardo- ENL Guidance Counselor - ext. 1093
  • Hilda Terrero- ENL Guidance Counselor - ext. 1094

Dear Parent/Guardian:
If you would like to meet with a guidance counselor, please call for an appointment. The main number is (718) 846-3335. The extension numbers are listed above.

Dear Student:
If you would like to meet with a guidance counselor, you must get a pass from your teacher. Guidance counselors are available during designated periods.



Q: Where do I go to change one of my classes?
A: During the beginning of each term, your period 2 teacher will have a program change request form. Fill out this form and return it to your period 2 teacher.  Your teacher will give this information directly to your guidance counselor.


Q: Where do I go to change my address?
A: You must bring a copy of an electric or gas bill directly to the attendance office. Driver’s licenses, telephone bills and credit card statements are not acceptable.


Q: How can I see my guidance counselor?
A: If you would like to meet with your guidance counselor, please ask your teacher for a pass. Guidance counselors will only meet with students during certain periods so make sure that you check for their available periods which are posted outside of their offices.  If you are a parent, we request that you call the guidance office to set up an appointment.  Guidance counselors can only meet with a limited number of parents each day.  In order to serve you best, it is advisable that you call for an appointment.


Q: How can I check to see how many credits I have?
A: Visit your guidance counselor during their available periods.


Q: Am I permitted to take extended vacations?
A: No. You must be in attendance during all of the days that school is in session.


Q: Can I drop lunch from my program?
A: No. Lunch is placed on your program to fill any space between periods. Free periods are not permitted.


Q: How do I transfer schools?
A: Any student who wants to transfer to another school and are not applying through the high school application process, can only transfer out based on a Travel Transfer( must live more than 1 hour 30 minutes from the school), A Safety Transfer ( must have a police report), or a Medical Transfer(must have a valid doctor’s note).
Q: I am having problems with another student. Who can I talk to?
A: You can speak with your teacher, guidance counselors, the dean’s office or any other staff member with whom you feel comfortable speaking with. This staff member will then reach to the proper person and get you the assistance you need.


Q: How can I attend Summer School or Saturday School?
A: Summer School and Saturday School are available on a limited basis. Please meet with your guidance counselor to determine if you are eligible to attend.


Q: How can I join an after school club or activity?
A: Please meet with your guidance counselor. They have a list of all the clubs and activities in the school.


Q: I am failing a class. What can I do so I can pass the class?
A: Tutoring is available for every subject. Ask your teacher or guidance counselor for a tutoring schedule.  It is important that you participate in class, do your homework daily  and study for quizzes and exams.


Q: Can I change my schedule to an earlier schedule or to a later schedule?

A: All students are typically on a period1-8 schedule. 

Q: How do I know what classes I will be taking next semester?
A: Two times during the school year, you will be sent a pass for you to meet with your guidance counselor for a programming conference. During this conference, you will discuss the classes you will be taking for the following semester as well as how many credits you have earned so far.  During this conference, you can discuss any other issues or questions you might have.


Q: Can Richmond Hill High School help to find me a job?
A: Richmond Hill High School can issue you working papers, register you for one of our many internship programs and help find employment. Stop room the Career Connections Center in room 342. You may be asked on a job application for a reference and a staff member at the school might be willing to provide you with such a reference.  If you are using someone as a reference, it is always important that before you list them as a reference, you ask their permission first.


Q: Can I take extra classes during the day to graduate early?
A: No. Because of our over crowded building, we are unable to give extra classes.  Students are entitled to take seven classes including physical education.