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Mr. P

Hello, I'm Mr. Philippacopoulos, also known here at Richmond Hill as, "Mr. P". I usually teach 10th Grade English Language Arts / English as a New Language ICT classes, as well as Film as Literature as an elective class. 
This is the start of my sixth teaching at Richmond Hill High School. My hobbies include making music (especially electronic music), playing guitar, bass, and synthesizer, reading, language learning, gardening, and riding my bike. You might catch me riding my fold-up commuting bike to or from Jamaica station before or after school.
I am the proud father of a sweet baby daughter, and a husband to the most wonderful person I have ever met. I have had the privilege of traveling in over twenty different countries, and living and teaching in four. Before coming to Richmond Hill I had served in the Peace Corps as a TESOL instructor in a small medical college  in The People's Republic of China for three years, (RPCV CHINA 2012-2015). 
I have a strong interest in learning about cultures from around the world, and as the son of an immigrant (and as a person who has lived abroad multiple times), I am particularly sensitive to the needs of those trying to adapt to American life.