Ms. Naraine » Hi!


Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

Hi! My name is Ms. Naraine, I started teaching in 2015, and this will be my 7th year at RHHS! 

  • I am the advisor for the Museum Explorers Club; we take field trips twice a month to different museums around NYC and explore the vastness of NYC culture and community through art.
Stuff I like:
  • reading
    • Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley and The Romance of the Forest, by Ann Radcliffe are two of my favorite Gothic literature novels (and genre). 
    • favorite poem, "Goblin Market," by Christina Rossetti 
  • tea and coffee
  • bike riding, working out, boxing/kickboxing
  • Korean Dramas
    • Boys Over Flowers, My Love From Another Star, or anything with Lee Min Ho
    • Spicy Ramyeon and tacos are my top favorite foods!
    • chips, sour cream and onion 
  • traveling (favorite places: Japan and Portugal).