Pi Day Spirit Week

Pi Day Spirit Week

To Celebrate Pi Day this year we are going to have a Spirit Week Monday 3/13 - Friday 3/17!!!

All students participating in PI Day spirit week must adhere to the RHHS Dress Policy. (No hats, hoods, bandanas, beads, doo rags or any type of non-religious head covering, mid-drifts, miniskirts, or costume masks)

Monday - March 13:  SUPPORT A CAUSE DAY
Math & Science are necessary to solve any problem. Thanks to Math & Science the quality of life for many individuals has been improved. (Examples: represent-Cancer:Lung=white, Brain=gray, Breast cancer=pink, Lymphoma=lime green, MS=orange, Alzheimer's=purple)

Tribute to you favorite Mathematician, Scientist, or Math Symbol ()! Dress up to represent your favorite Mathematician or Math Symbol ()

Wednesday March 15:   SWEAT-PANTS DAY
Mathematicians like to talk in symbols -1 23 f(x)

Thursday March 16:   THROWBACK THURSDAY
is a throwback to our past, as Mathematicians began using the symbol back in the 1700’s!
Choose your favorite decade and dress up! (All Dress must conform to RHHS Dress Policy)

Friday March 17:   COLLEGE GEAR DAY
Math & Science, and College require a great deal of Higher Order Thinking Wear your favorite college gear(colors/clothing, etc)

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