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Writing Workshop #1: Setting in Google Classroom

Writing Workshop #1: Setting

Focus: How do we bring setting to life in our writing?
Objective: I will bring my setting to life through the use of strong imagery, strong verb choice, figurative language, and varied sentence structure.

Using your journal entry on a location you know well, you will revise and expand your description to now include:

stronger imagery (five senses)
stronger verb choices
varied sentence structures
figurative language (at least one -- simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, etc.)
Use ONE word (strong verb or adjective) in your revision that you found interesting from yesterday's reading. Look up the definition if need be. Highlight that word in your writing.


Setting & Imagery in Google Classroom

Setting & Imagery

Focus: How do we identify imagery and setting in a story and determine its effectiveness?
Objective: I will identify imagery and setting and determine its effectiveness by annotating a story in collaborative Google doc.

Annotate the story for imagery and setting. Highlight key words / phrases that build the setting through imagery and leave a comment about the impact and its effectiveness. 


Classwork #4: Making Inferences - Characterization & Setting in Google Classroom

Classwork #4: Making Inferences - Characterization & Setting


Watch the following video clip.
In the left column list all the observations you can make.
In the right column make inferences based on your observations.
Bold the MOST LIKELY inferences and explain WHY beneath the chart.
Discuss in your small group what come to a consensus on the man's backstory as well as his characterization.
Turn in.


Classwork #3: Growth Mindset in Google Classroom

Classwork #3: Growth Mindset


Classwork #2: Create Your Website in Google Classroom

Classwork #2: Create Your Website

You will each create your own Google site that will have an "About Me" section and a digital portfolio section.

1. Click the attached link to create your Google site.
2. Click Publish and copy the link to your site. Attach it to this GC assignment before you start to build your site.
3. Give your site a title that includes your name.
4. On your "home" page, introduce yourself in a paragraph.
5. Create a new page and title it: "About Me".
6. Insert your Adobe Spark inspiration presentation on your About Me page. (see attached video on how to embed it)
7. Turn in.


HW #1: Join Class Remind in Google Classroom

HW #1: Join Class Remind

Join our class Remind by clicking the attached link. In order to receive full credit, you must link your phone number to your account, so you can receive important messages. If you don't link your phone number, the app is pointless.

Click "Mark as Done" once you have signed up for Remind.


HW #2: Student Information Survey in Google Classroom

HW #2: Student Information Survey

Complete the attached student information form and click "mark as done" when you submit it.


Classwork #1: Your Inspiration Presentation in Google Classroom

Classwork #1: Your Inspiration Presentation

1. Create an Adobe Spark presentation (click Adobe Spark link, go to "sign in," click "Continue with Google" and then click "presentation").
2. Respond to the question: What empowers you to be your best self -- mentally, academically, and socially? (i.e. a supportive friend, goals for the future.). Make a top 3 list (not music) including at least one visual to pair with each response.
3. In the same presentation: List 3-5 songs that inspire and empower you in some way. For each song, analyze how specific lyrics (or musical elements) give you power. Add videos by the songs.
4. Add a cover image and title (something you find inspirational) for your presentation.
5. Once you complete your Adobe Spark presentation;
click “share”
then “publish and share link”
click the blue “copy” button
return here (Google Classroom) and attach the link to this assignment
turn in