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Lions’ Pride

Students thrive in the ninth grade when their social-emotional needs are met and their academic curiosity is heightened.  We strive to educate the whole student to ensure that both heart and mind are actively involved.   The challenging and interesting course work is accompanied by proactive and needs-based professional guidance.  The Ninth Grade Academy strives to develop a sense of family and community by publicly celebrating student successes and through efforts to personalize the students’ experience.  The Ninth Grade Academy celebrates and teaches a culture of belonging, caring and respect to help youth feel connected to the school community.

Lions’ Roar

Graduates and Citizens 

From Day 1
Richmond Hill provides students opportunities to excel as young scholars and to grow as young citizens.  Year one at Richmond Hill High School allows students to build a solid academic foundation so they will be able to pursue career and college goals.  In addition, students will have opportunities to grow as leaders and community members through school sponsored efforts that encourage students to think beyond self and act for the good of others.

Lions’ Share

The activities may include:

  • Participation in Hispanic Heritage, South Asian Heritage and Black History Month Celebrations
  • Participation in an Anti-Bullying Assembly
  • Participation in South Asian Youth Action (SAYA) programs after school
  • Walking to raise awareness about Breast Cancer
  • Raising money for the Penny Harvest
  • Becoming an Are You Green leader.
  • Collecting Toys for Tots and coats for NY Cares