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About Us!

The Museum Explorers Club is an engaging atmosphere that allows for students to explore and participate in accessing the museums of NYC and around the world, physically and virtually. We focus our study on how art and culture functions in different communities and spaces. Our goal is to discuss art, it’s history and connection to ourselves, our community and a world beyond our scope to gain an appreciation of different cultures and lifestyles.
Learning about different cultures, art styles and communities is an important aspect of our club since it will aid us in understanding how civilizations came about and its history. It promotes understanding of why people live the way they do and why they do certain things. It helps us identify with them and gain insight into their situations to understand their views, values and lifestyle. It will also help us to dispel fears and the misunderstandings that they may have about another culture. Exploring and discussing contemporary/modern day artists in conjunction with classical art/artists throughout history will open up deeper conversations around culture, social awareness, cultural identity and social justice.
Learning about different cultures, while exploring NYC in a fun way, helps us understand who we are and our surroundings. We use different mediums to engage in conversation via virtual meetings (atm), where we discuss striking and important images that stand out and the issues the image conveys.