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Welcome to my Bio page! 
I have been a Global and United States History Teacher at The Hill since 2008. My favorite subjects to teach are Ancient History and Global Issues. If I had to teach another subject, it would be Art History or Archaeology! My favorite time period in history is the Middle Ages. I could talk about the Black Death, Henry VIII, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance allllll day!
Some of my favorite things are:
  • Traveling! I have been to over 24 countries in five continents! I love exploring ancient archaeology sites from around the world and learn fascinating languages and cultures.
  • FOOD! In particular, cheese! If they told me I could never eat cheese again, I would probably die. (Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but I would cry...A LOT!)
  • My favorite TV shows are American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, The Crown, Big Little Lies, Dead to Me and 90 Day Fiance (don't judge me.)
  • My favorite hobbies are hiking, camping, skiing, swimming and volleyball. 
  • I love everything scary. I love to read books about haunted places around the world, visit real life haunted houses and I could watch movies like the Conjuring and Annabelle on repeat. If it's scary, I want to know all about it! 
  • I am obsessed with the Royal Family! I have read every book on them! 
  • My favorite quote is: "As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death." - Leonardo da Vinci.


Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

Welcome Students!
This school year begins with an unprecedented approach to your education. While COVID continues to be a global pandemic, we are working behind the scenes to make this school year as seamless and exciting as we can!
There will be hiccups along the way and there will be plenty of times we all want to give up, but we won't! Because we are a team and together, we WILL get through this!
I am so excited to meet you all Virtually in our classroom in the coming days! Please bookmark this page for updates and information regarding the school year!
-Ms. K