Music Course Offerings Overview

The music classes provide students with the chance to explore traditional musical production through basic and advanced keyboard and choral classes.  In addition, students may be exposed to non-traditional, multi-media forms of music that empower the student to realize his or her creative potential.  Our relationship with the Metropolitan Opera allows our students the opportunity to learn about the opera and experience it first-hand.


Core Music

This course is designed to encourage music literacy and the appreciation of various types of music.  The course includes music history and involves the students in projects meant to encourage students to research music themes and to explore music concepts.  The exploration of computer-generated or arranged music is also a part of this course’s emphasis on the presence of music in the lives of the students.



The keyboarding classes allow students of all abilities to increase their exposure to music through practical experiences.  Students are exposed to keyboarding skills, proper technique, ideas of interpretation and music reading.  Students’ practice may lead to a recital or participation in one or more of the school-wide concerts.



Students explore the concepts of rhythm and tone color through ensemble practice with percussion instruments.  The students are exposed to instruments from through-out the world and provided and opportunity to perform in school concerts.


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