What Is Art And Design

Art Programs Overview

The Richmond Hill High School visual arts classes explore basic and advanced drawing, the world of ceramics, portfolio design and computer graphics.  To compliment these offerings, an art majors program allows students to pursue three years of art courses to prepare the students for taking the art Regents exam and the submission of a complete portfolio.  In addition to the classes offered at the school itself, the arts department has formed and maintained relations with some of the city’s premier arts institutions that include the MOMA, the Queens Center of the Arts, the Queens Museum of Art, the Jamaica Art Center, the Art Director’s Club – Art League NYC and Town Hall.

 A school wide celebration of our students’ artistic pursuits takes place every Spring during the Art and Music Festival which highlights the achievements of students of every level of artistic ability.



In this course students will have the opportunity to explore and investigate form, space, structure in the three dimensions using clay and learn to critique our art work. Students will begin with basic art elements and principles and examine contemporary conceptions of three-dimensional-art form in terms of painting, ceramics and creating decorative designs in ceramics.

Art Studio

Traditional technical drawing skills are the primary focus in the beginning level class.  Observation, composition, perspective, line, place and form are introduced in class exercises and practiced in homework assignments.  Students work with a range of materials:  pencil, charcoal, conte crayon, color pastels.



This course will allow students to develop a portfolio of 15-20 pieces of art or a portfolio review and interviews in the Art Field.


Advanced Drawing/ Beginning Fashion Illustration

This course is an introduction to the art of illustration and the visual essay.  Focus on an overview of the career of a fashion designer and the basic skills required.  Emphasis is placed on drawing the fashion figure and creating designer sketches as well as exposure to the fundamentals of making clothing.


Computer Graphics

Students make several projects as a way of learning the basic concepts and principles or digital media artists.  Use Adobe’s Photoshop, Premiere and Illustrator computer programs as core tools to help them learn timing, motion, storytelling, the use of web design, use of metaphor, design and much more.



Students will be introduced to the materials and methods of painting; including the use of mixing of colors, the study of representational and abstract imagery, and the development of personal style.


Drawing and Painting

For the students with strong drawing skills, this class presents projects with expanded aesthetic and conceptual challenges.  Traditional and experimental exercises will develop their critical thinking and creative awareness as you enhance their technical abilities.


Advanced Painting/ Regents Prep

In this course students will have the opportunity to explore and investigate painting in a large scale and learn to critique our art work.  They will begin with basic art elements and principles and examine how different techniques are employed to achieve different goals.  In addition, students will examine the foundation and history of mural painting.


Art History/ Regents Prep

This course will allow students to explore and investigate the world of art and its history.  We will view art work from the beginning of time to present.  They will learn from the masters.  Finally, an Art Regents will be given for Regents credit for graduation.

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